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CIS readership consisted chiefly of activists.


Its main distribution effort was directed at rank and file trade union organsations, and the network of shop stewards that operated semi independently in most of the large companies in the UK.


It prioritised for investigation those sectors and businesses with large unionised workforces.


   Rio Tinto Zinc        Consolidated Goldfields

   GEC                      British Leyland

   Ford                       Unilever

   British Telecom      NHS

   Hotels & Catering  Nuclear industry

   Oil Industry            Banking & Insurance

   Hotel & Catering    Arms Industry&Catering


CIS worked with the numerous campaigning bodies and the revolutionary socialist groups that had a presence in the workplace of many UK companies.


For a number of years CIS was also affiliated to the Transnational Institute (TNI) an international network of scholar activists exposing issues of globalisation.



Counter Information Services

The impact of the Anti-Reports

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Striking Back
NHS Condition Critical
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