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A key objective of CIS was to attack the cruel exploitation of the people of South Africa under apartheid. CIS produced several anti-reports exposing the activities of UK companies in South Africa:


        Rio Tinto Zinc 1970        

        Consolidated Goldfields 1971

        GEC 1971

        British Leyland 1973

        Your Money and Your Life (Insurance) 1974

        Black South Africa Explodes 1977

        Buying Time in South Africa 1978

        Ford Motor Company 1978




       CIS revealed the complicity of UK companies in



        Got legislation passed requiring UK companies to

        reveal the wage levels paid to their SA workers

        - later repealed by Margaret Thatcher.


        Provided production data enabling trade union

        shop stewards in the UK to disrupt export of arms

        and equipment to the apartheid regime.

The Anti-Reports and South Africa


South African migrant workers, from


Consolidated Goldfields

Consolidated Goldfields Anti-report
Black South Africa Explodes
Migrant South African miners CIS anti-report

CIS  Counter Information Services

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